how we became eehs

HOW WE BECAME EXPERT EXTERIOR HOME SOLUTIONS Our company has 2 owners. Shawn Game and Michael Craven. They were both formally in a 3-way partnership with another person whom Mike and Shawn decided to part ways with. It wouldn't be ethical to point the finger at anybody, but if you would ask Shawn his opinion on why they couldn't work out, he would say "We had completely different perspectives on how a business should be operated". That partnership consisted of the 3 operating under the name DGK Roofing. Mike and Shawn agreed that they felt the business name should be more professional and therefore they voted to rebrand with a new business name at the start of 2022. The new name would be Expert Exterior. So that's exactly what Shawn and Mike did. The third partner did not excitingly agree, although did not reject the proposition either. Just before they started pushing the transition harder, they had an abrupt ending in a partnership with the third partner. That 3rd partner is still on a mission to keep DGK Roofing thriving. We wish him the best! In 2021, under the 3-way partnership, DGK Roofing did a lot of exciting business and built a strong portfolio. They are so awesome that you will see a few roofs in our gallery that were technically contracted under DGK Roofing, (contracts signed by Mike and Shawn). Although, essentially, we think of ourselves as the same company that did them roofs, just rebranded and no third partner. In conclusion, we just want to