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Here at Expert Exterior, we understand that while choosing a new roof, 'price' plays a major factor!  Of course, there's a few people in this world who have so much money that price doesn't mean much to them. But even them people pay attention to the cost, simply because nobody wants to be swindled!

We also understand that for a lot of homeowners, a new roof is a demand.
In other words, there are no other alternatives. The roof must be replaced, leaving the homeowner the burden of coming up with the money for a new roof. That can be a tough situation for a homeowner!

Or maybe you're a person who flips houses. We understand that you need to make money! If you're not making money, then we're missing the whole principle. 

In any case,
we get it! We're not trying to make a fortune off of one job! We have designed the best roofing systems for the best prices for you!


A message from Shawn, an owner of the company: I'm 41 years old. I started roofing when I was 15, as a 'grunt'! I owned my first small business by the age of 19. It was called Expert Roofing. Throughout my career, I was foreman for several local roofing companies, including Ray Saint Clair Roofing. I was also at one time, a project-manager for Mr.Roof. Needless to say, I know roofing, and I know material!  Here at Expert Exterior Home Solutions, we use only one shingle-manufacturer, who in my personal opinion, is the best in the industry! Owens Corning. They are the shingle that I feel most comfortable matching up with our extensive workmanship warranties. 
We also pass any distributer contractor-discounts to our customers. In other words, we don't markup material. A lot of companies do. This gives a small break to the customer, as well as provides us the abiliy to offer even more competitive rates. 
We offer 3 different roof systems, which we designed ourselves.  They are called Supreme Guard, Guardian, and Basic Guard


is in our opinion, the best shingle roof system in the industry! 

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is an exceptional, top quality roof system that can fit a budget! Designed by us.

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Basic Guard

is a great customizable shingle roof system for house flippers and people alike.

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